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Credo-Concepts is a self-owned freelance design studio. My name is Jeremy Credo and I represent Credo-Concepts. I have graduated with an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor's Degree in Web Design. While primarily working on advertising for different small businesses and groups, I also am the designer and web administrator for a couple small web sites. Please note that while the sites I have listed under my portfolio are all done using, I am familiar with, and have used, HTML 5 as well as Wordpress. 


I hope you like the work that you find on this site. Note that this does not reflect all of the work that I have done up to this point, but a mere sample of different pieces I have done over the years. Much of it was done while in class; some of these are former class projects, others are works that have been completed under the guide of a mentor. 


I am always striving to learn new things in the design field and am eager to see where it can take me.


Thank you for viewing my portfolio / design site. If you have any questions about design works you need done or detailed information about any of the works listed on this site, please don't hesitate to contact me.


- Jeremy Credo

Recent Portfolio Additions


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